Digital Asset Management Done Right

Finally, easy to use and full-featured Digital Asset Management for everyone.

Centralized Archive

Today, most Organizations are decentralized; companies create rich content in various global locations 24/7. This content is costly to create and has great value to the company. However, the value is diminished or lost if no one can find it. By placing all of your important assets in Resourced DAM™’s centralized archive users know where to quickly and visually search and find approved content for immediate use no matter where in the world they are.

Powerful Search

Resourced DAM™ has a powerful search engine. Users no longer need to know a file name or on which file serve assets reside. The search engine is intuitive, and as easy to use as a common search. Resourced DAM™ also allows for more complex searching such as search by document type, dates, sizes and all the metadata that surrounds your digital assets, including licensing and usage rights.

Video Transformation

Video is used everywhere today. In Resourced DAM™ you only need to store your master copy and our built in conversion engine will automatically create on the fly versions of your video asset. You can create streaming versions for your website, mobile devices, YouTube or convert to a different frame size or format all with the click of a button.

Image Transformation

All Organizations use images in many different formats and sizes. This usually means a call to the art department, graphic artist or agency. Resourced DAM™ replaces that need by automatically creating color correct image transformations upon download. A copy of PhotoShop™ is no longer necessary to make an image transformation for the web or a PowerPoint™ presentation. Just click and download.

Media Distribution

Resourced DAM™ is the best way to distribute content to all of your employees, partners, clients, websites, social media and anywhere else you need to have fast reliable, tracked access to rich media. Distribute anything; Audio, Video, Images and Documents with the assurance a complete access and distribution history is captured.

Review & Ratings

Review, comment and collaborate in real time with co-workers around the world. In Resourced DAM™ rate assets, comment on them, request changes or new assets all from one convenient screen. As assets are given higher rankings, they appear earlier on future search results.

Customiziable Reporting

Reporting and metrics are one of the most important features in a Digital Asset Management system. Resourced DAM™ offers a complete reporting engine and real time statistics with reports developed from best practices and years of experience. Custom reports can also be written for your exact reporting needs.

Custom Metadata Model

There are great metadata standards in the world but most businesses have their own unique language. Our experienced team will help you define the metadata model that fits your unique company requirements. With Resourced DAM™, your metadata model is always editable. You will have the ability to make changes and updates as your requirements grow and change. All menus are easily accessed through the administrator panel. No programming experience is needed.

Additional Features

Resourced Media is constantly developing new features for Resourced DAM™. As these new features become available, they will be included in the core product at no additional cost to our customers.

Resourced Media, The Search is Over!