The Search is Over!

Resourced DAM™ is Full-Featured, Intuitive and Affordable Digital Asset Management.

Resourced DAM™ is a centralized, hosted Digital Asset Management Platform. Our technology provides your team quick access to important assets enhancing interactions with customers, partners, co-workers, advertisers and social media. Reporting, distribution, flexible metadata modeling and professional consultation is all included with Resourced DAM™. As new features are developed they become part of the product for you to use at no additional costs.



Simply search across all of the company assets with the ease of a search engine you already know.



Up to the moment reporting is built-in. Know where and how often your assets are being used and who is using them.



Built in distribution capabilities allow you to easily send your message and assets to partners, clients, web sites and social media.

Resourced DAM™ gives small and medium sized companies the same tools large global brand, publishers and media companies have paid millions of dollars for. Let us show you how Resourced DAM™ can help you be more effective and competitive in todays fast moving market.


Digital Distribution

Distribution of your assets is paramount to your success in today’s fast moving multi dimensional market. A core feature of Resourced DAM™ is advanced distribution. This allows companies to distribute assets to websites, social media, customers, advertisers and more with just a few clicks.


Ease of Use

Resourced DAM™ has been developed by people who understand how organizations use DAM. We understand if the product is difficult to use, or takes a long time to get up and running the chances of employees bypassing the system and it becoming shelfware are very high. This is why we have created an easy to navigate interface, a powerful search engine and common language to easily get assets to those who need them the most.


We are the Platform

Resourced DAM™ is Software as a Service (SaaS) built around a responsive interface, so you can access the application from any of your devices, wherever you are.


Implementation is Weeks not Months

Resourced Media is a company owned by people who have worked in the DAM industry since the early 1990s. Implementation of systems that provide flexible metadata, advanced search capabilities and easy distribution have historically taken months and in some large global organizations years. Resourced DAM™ has all those features but takes weeks not months to implement. The installation and discovery is included with the purchase of the system, not an additional ever-expanding cost.


Scalable to ...

Resourced DAM™ can ingest any amount of data in almost any format and our infrastructure scales horizontally, so the more you throw at it the better it gets.

Resourced DAM™, The Search is Over!